Friday, 12 September 2014


There's a man and a woman walking along the prom, at about the same speed as us so they stick around just long enough to hear the best bits of their conversation. He says something about "the Italian stallion in JD" naturally my ears prick up at this, a) because I can't help but earwig on something that starts with a phrase like that and b) because I finally might have something to say here. The man goes on to describe how he got the impression that "he's looked after himself all his life" - this Italian man sounds quite the catch. "I almost chased after him and asked what his aftershave was". He sounds utterly smitten. His companion didn't have much to say in about it. I'm not sure she was even listening to him, if she was she'd have probably asked more about it, instead she said that the night before she'd answered the door to someone, who hadn't recognised her. The woman had been all dressed up, so she said, the man responded to this story with "well, you looked gorgeous", then they passed us and I never got to hear the rest of the conversation. The way he said it, of course she was unrecognisable, she never normally looks passable let alone gorgeous. I can only imagine she asked what he meant by that, didn't she always look gorgeous? I bet she didn't talk to him for the rest of the day, I wouldn't. Then again, I take compliments meant for my dog and pretend they were aimed at me, I am nobody to judge.

Another pairing, a man and a woman cycling towards us, I caught a snippet of their conversation I half wish I knew the context of and half wish I didn't because I think I'm happier not knowing where it stems from, it's funnier that way. 

Man to woman:...look like you're having an orgasm

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