Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Long Time, No Blog

Since I last posted  

I have become engaged in a monumental battle of wills with an impossibly stubborn terrier. I read over the blog I posted just after we got him, he's still doing pretty much everything I mentioned, except he is house trained, but either I've got used to it or he's not as bad as he was. He's really growing up, all of a sudden, he's changing into a proper dog. It's a good job he's adorable because his bloody mindedness is an absolute bastard to contend with. You may think that it's ridiculous to claim a dog can be stubborn, if you do, you've not met him. If he's busy doing something woe betide anyone who wants him to not do it, particularly digging in the sofa.  He went through a phase, in mid-June where he would sit down mid walk, or sometimes just after we'd left the house and try as you might nothing would tempt him to carry on walking. You could shove handfuls of cooked meat in his face, he'd turn his head. You could run on ahead so that he'd chase you, he would root himself to the spot. I have never been so frustrated in all my life. Also, do you know how daft you look carrying a dog along the prom, with the dog, head held high in the air, looking around him as if to say "oh the view up here is really nice, actually"? The answer is really fucking daft. Actually, I have things to say about fellow dog walkers but I will save that for another time. 

I have played tourist near my house, my good friend came to visit from London, we did a tour of a little village and the art gallery in the village, we went shopping and then drove along the seaside back to mine. It was quite the tour. 

I have played tourist in London with the same friend. As a lot of my friends live there it's rare we do anything tourist-y when I visit. This time was different, we took the tube to The London Dungeons, turned out it'd moved, we walked down to the river with the intention of walking to the new venue. On the way we went to The Clink, a tiny little museum that's a) cheap and b) fun because it's not boring and stuffy nor is it brand new. When we finally got to the dungeons we queued for what felt like an eternity in a dark corridor waiting to be let in. It's the kind of tour with actors and with things jumping out at you. We queued again once we were in, standing in front of a glass tank full of rats. That made me queasy. We went on a ride part way through the tour, we got soaked with really smelly water. At the end we went on another ride, you experience the drop you would fall when being hung. After that we walked to Westminster Abbey, had a look at it, then I got the train home. It sounds like we did nothing but I had a really good day out, I love London the most out of any city. 

I went to a wedding, a christening and a birthday party in one weekend. It was ridiculously busy. The wedding was absolutely lovely, I have more to say on this because the bride looked so good it made me wish I'd had a totally different wedding dress. 

I went to a tattoo convention with my best friend. She was getting tattooed, I was keeping her company. I have absolutely no tattoos, not because I don't like them, I do, they look brilliant. No, my problem is that I can't think of anything I would want on me forever, there is nothing I can think of that I know for sure I would still like in a few years, or even in a few months. Actually, I had a dream over the weekend that I was out with this same friend and I got a tattoo. I hated it, it was a quote right across my right shin, in a horrible font. I remember saying to her "why have I done this?" I kept saying how I'd ruined my legs. 

I watched a strongman event in Stoke where the men were paired up and worked in teams. You're guaranteed a decent day out with strongman. Obviously I am biased because that was my honeymoon but I really do love it. We got to catch up with a friend while we waited for it to start and then when it was over we caught up with other friends (the friend I played tourist with and her husband, one of the competitors) and then had to rush back home to retrieve the dog from Mr T's parents. It's funny, it's like having a child, having to collect it from the baby sitter. 

That's pretty much all I have done that is of any worth. Can you imagine what I've done that is of no worth? Pretty fucking dull. 

That's Albert looking at the curtain I was holding up to stop him trying to tear around the kitchen with it in his mouth, which is one of his current hobbies

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