Thursday, 17 July 2014


Over the weekend someone forgot that he lived on a hill. Someone forgot that he needed to apply his handbrake. Someone's car rolled down the road into the back of my car. Our next door neighbours rang to let us know, we were on our first day out in absolutely ages. Days out used to be the thing we did the most but they've been few and far between lately. We rushed home to see what had gone on. The car that had rolled into mine had gone and it would be 4 hours before it (and the driver) returned.  It's not a new car by any means, but it's newish to me, I've only had it since February. It's not that bad, it's driveable but it's got a sizeable dent in the back wing and the bumper. I'm still disappointed, not just over the car but having to cut short a day out. We'd just arrived, it was a steam fair (boring, yes), we did a lap of the field taking cursory glances at steam engines but making a beeline for the toilets, then we looked at some cars and that's when the call came. We effectively paid £16 to piss in a portaloo. 

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