Wednesday, 28 January 2015

So far this week

It's only Wednesday and thanks to one of the bridges I need to drive over being closed, I've been late every single day. I'm never going to win employee of the month, am I? 

The bulb in the kitchen blew on Monday night, I only remembered that on Tuesday morning when I tried to put my make up on in there and had to sit in the half light of a not quite yet risen sun. I could well have left the house bearing a striking resemblance to Aunt Sally. 

Along with possibly looking like I'd be shot with the make up gun I realised all too late that I was wearing a skirt with a tendency to ride up while walking. When I say I realised this too late, I mean I realised it while walking past a building site. 

I haven't fared much better today, clothes wise. I'm wearing a skater skirt on the windiest day we've had in ages. When I left the house this morning to take the dog for a walk it was still dark but it was dry. Or at least it was dry till about 10 minutes in to the walk when the rain came by the bucket load. My waterproof coat that I bought specifically for dog walking is not as waterproof as I had hoped it was and despite turning back when it was clear it wasn't just a shower I was soaked. Oh and I'm wearing some patent t-bar flat shoes that make me look like an 8 year old going to a birthday party, not helped by the raccoon print woolly tights I have paired them with. It's quite a look. 

Lastly, and the worst thing, I thought I'd found a grey hair. Improbable since my hair is liberally coated in dye but you know, stranger things have happened. It's ok though, it's not a grey hair, it's a white one. A white hair belonging to my dog, in my own hair. I joke about how sometimes I look like I've been sleeping in a dog's bed because I never look in the mirror once I'm dressed so could be wearing any old jumble of clothes and I guess it's been on my cardigan and then somehow ended up on the ends of my hair but jesus fucking christ. 

Two days left of this week, it's bound to improve, right?

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