Thursday, 15 January 2015


Over a month later (it's probably more like 6 weeks since I've had this in my drafts for an age) and I am back with a new resolve to post more. I'm not, well, I am back but I'm not resolving to post more, not enough happens to warrant monthly posting let alone weekly. 

Since the last time... 

- We celebrated it being 15 years since we got together by spending the night at a Days Inn hotel on the M1, it was truly romantic. As was the 4 hours of standing up at a gig. Oh and the bed that was so soft it felt like I imagine a water bed does. We really know how to celebrate. 

- I finished my xmas shopping on xmas eve, of course. I am a fuckwit. This year I've started to transfer money into another account to save up for xmas, it will be nothing short of a miracle if I'm still doing this on March pay day.

- We spent xmas day as we have done every year - bar one - of the time we've been living together. We stayed in the house, just the two of us, doing very little except cooking xmas dinner (me) and washing up (Mr T). That's not strictly true, this year I had to get dressed and put my slap on so we could walk the dog but that's about as active as we got, if you don't include a furious game of Dutch Blitz with the neighbours. 

- The work xmas shut down would usually see me do nothing more active than get up and make a drink but having a dog has ruined that, I've actually had to go outside daily to walk him. Also, one day I even went to the gym. I didn't exercise, oh no, I had to go to sort out my downgraded membership. Months ago they wrote to say they were introducing different pricing levels, I didn't bother reading the letter properly and discovered quite by chance that my membership now only allowed me to go before 5pm - not so useful when you have a job. Of course, I couldn't read the letter again to see whether I should've done something before they downgraded me because, hilariously, the dog had eaten the letter. 

- Oh, big news, I've become a mechanic since I last posted. My car has been telling me for ages I have a faulty side lamp, my lights are working so I've been ignoring this. Over xmas Mr T noticed a number plate was out, gave the car a thump and it came back on and the warning disappeared. Since then whenever the car has shouted at me, I've given the boot lid a smack and the lights have come back on, I can give up my day job and concentrate on my new career now, surely?

- I've also been to a wedding. My little sister has got married and now it feels weird calling a married woman my little sister but that's what she is so that's what she will continue to be called. 

Not much has happened has it? I'm off to look for a holiday, so I have something to post about (dog walks and the dog pissing in someone else's house, no doubt)*

*NB I am looking for a holiday anyway, it is not a pathetic attempt to have something to write about, honestly. We have to test the dog and see if he can be trusted on a holiday before we take him away as token Holiday Dog with a group of our best friends 

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