Friday, 9 August 2013

It's so unfair

A fortnight since pay day, a fortnight till pay day and I want to buy all of the things, right now. I am trying ever so hard not to but there's wall paper, gig tickets and shoes taunting me from my wish list. 

The wallpaper

I've had my eye on this for ages and recently it's been reduced. This is both good - cheaper, and bad - now I am totally fixated on buying it because I am worried it'll sell out and then I will feel bereft. Clearly, we're in absolutely no position to actually use it, but that minor detail needn't be an obstacle. Ok so the hall needs decorating once the kitchen is done but there's no harm in buying paper that's on sale and keeping it till we get round to doing the bedroom, is there? 

Graham & Brown £14.50/roll
The gig tickets

Motorhead are touring this November and I can't imagine missing it. I've talked about my love for them before, this love has not abated, it won't ever. We almost missed last year's tour, Ian thought I'd got the tickets, I thought Ian'd got the tickets, neither of us had got the tickets and by the time we realised this we had to settle for seated tickets in the circle. There were some incredibly drunk people around our seats, one so drunk that he fell asleep on Ian's shoulder during Anthrax's support set, that's pretty impressive. I am never sitting down for a gig, ever again. I'd rather stand downstairs with people squeezing into non-existent spaces right in front of me, sidling through the crowd with beer sloshing out of the top of their flimsy plastic cups and down my legs into my shoe, sweaty limbs slipping across my own limbs than sit down at another gig. 
I need tickets for Ginger's birthday bash too, last year's was so good I'm perfectly willing to make the trek all the way down to London for it again this year. What better way to spend your 14th anniversary?
Next pay day I am definitely going to spend an evening trawling ticket websites to find some good stuff to go to, I need more gigs, right now.

The shoes

There are, of course 100s of pairs of shoes that I'm convinced will improve my life immeasurably, but there is one pair in particular that I have swooned over for months and last week I noticed they had at last appeared on the Schuh website. Just look at them, look at how brilliant they are

I didn't think they could be more perfect and then I saw their name "Timmy Chew" - fucking genius.

I know there's a good chance I'll buy those shoes (or con Ian into buying them for me) and then I'll put them back in their box and shove them under the bed or in the wardrobe and forget all about them but my god I need them so badly. I do this all the time, like the time I bought the Irregular Choice shoes with tiny little ice cream cones all over them and then I never wore them because I don't like things with food on, I am a fool. I would definitely definitely wear shoes with teeth on though, I'm sure.

I am waffling. Tell me, is there something you need urgently but you have too much month at the end of your money? Are you verging on stamping your feet and shouting "it's so unfair" Kevin the Teenager style because you want to buy something frivolous? 

By the way, I am very much aware by idea of need is not quite what it ought to be but they would make me ever so happy. 

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