Sunday, 19 May 2013


My new status as a driver is leading to a lot of new experiences for me, those of you reading (if there are any of you) who already drive, won't be in the least bit impressed by anything I say in this post but it's all very new to me and I'm quite excited about it still.

The day I passed I drove Ian and I to Tesco, nothing unusual there, in the lead up to taking my test I'd been doing lots of driving with him, the only difference this time was that he didn't have to go and put the L-plates on and he could use his phone without worrying about being caught by the police. I didn't feel any different about driving then. In the afternoon I went out to the shops to get something for a friend, I got in the car alone, I felt weird. It wasn't that I was frightened but all of a sudden my little Sexo (our name for it) felt massive, I was all alone, I drove to Asda, parked the car - something which is quite a feat in a car without power steering - and I drove home, that was a big first for me, it's nothing to you lot who've been driving years, I know this but to me it was big.

The next day I drove to and from work, I got up 30 minutes later than I'd had to two days before, I left the house at the time I'd be halfway to work on the bus, it was a revelation. 

Since passing my test I feel like I've had lots of mini personal triumphs, I am going to bore you with them now.

The weekend after I passed I drove a friend and I to Chester to visit our other friend who had recently had a baby, I navigated the complicated roundabouts on the way into the city and then the busy street that leads to where our friend lives. It's a big drive to do and the first one where the person in the passenger seat wasn't an experienced driver.

During the week, on my weekiversary of being a driver, I drove Ian and I and two other friends to Liverpool, this was my first experience of the tunnel and of a multi-storey but I did it, nothing bad happened, nobody seemed nervous, least of all me. After that one of my passengers said I was really confident and brave, that made my day.

The second weekend after I passed I ventured back through the tunnel to visit the ever so lovely Hannah and then I had my first experience of a motorway and we lived to tell the tale.

Today was my next new experience... driving with a bike rack strapped to the back of the car. That was somewhat tense, my spacial awareness is rubbish at the best of times so I was very conscious that the car was wider than normal and that I was having to look through the gap in the frame to see out of the back window.

That's the end of my current achievements, I know they're barely anything but to me they feel like massive milestones. 

I am absolutely kicking myself for not learning sooner, I wish I'd had lessons at 17 like a lot of my friends did but I was more interested in drinking Lambrini than being the designated driver and I chose to have my birthday money spent on a brilliant stereo. I was a fucking idiot.

Oh! One more thing, I was up at an ungodly hour on Saturday to take my little Sexo for its MOT, it passed thanks to the expert services of my mechanic (my husband).

Snazzy seats in the Sexo and a yellow and neon orange racer bike


  1. I have GOT to learn to drive. D can't either, I don't miss it during the week but reading about your road trip makes me want to! x

    1. Yes! Learn, I can honestly say it's the best thing I have ever done. I might be married and own a house but nothing has made me feel so much like a proper independent grown up woman. I don't want to be one of those people who get on every non-driver's case about learning but I really would recommend it. Also, driving to work in the rain instead of trudging to the bus stop is possibly the best feeling ever x