Saturday, 9 March 2013

The Bathroom: Part 3 (The Final Instalment, honestly)

(Sorry, this is going to be painfully long)

The last bathroom post ended with us having discovered a leak from upstairs had ruined our walls. Here is the tale of how we repaired it...

Underneath the ceiling - chicken wire and assorted debris, if you look closely enough you'll see the the mosaic tiles that covered the wall next to the bath, there was no way we could remove sections of them to fix the plaster behind so the entire wall of  them came down

The wall once the tiles and plaster had been hacked off, in hindsight I quite like this look but I'm not sure I could cope in reality, far too hard to clean, the slate floor is bad enough

Interesting make shift lighting system before the plasterboard was fitted

And here is my contribution, other than the painting, my first ever attempt at tiling. There was a hairy moment when I was on tip toes on that board at the bottom of the picture over the bath trying to tile the very top of the wall. It wouldn't take Ian's weight so as the lightest member of the household I was assigned the job of tiler

The finished product
Above Left - the floor to ceiling towel shelves, built by Ian and my tiling around the bath
Above Right - the rest of the bathroom, featuring a bust of Queen Victoria which is somewhat disconcerting when you're showering, or if you're a man, when you're having a pee...

What you can't see here is my excellent leopard print shower curtain which really adds something to the bathroom, much as Ian probably disagrees.

So there you have it, the final bathroom instalment, it may not be a big bathroom but Ian's done a bloody good job on it.

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