Thursday, 7 March 2013

The Bathroom: Part 1

So, completion day came, by now I'd stopped crying and had told myself this was it, I was stuck with the flat, whether I liked it or not. We picked up the keys from the estate agents and went straight round to inspect the bathroom which was not as big as I had remembered it was a lot more tired than I recalled. Thinking back now, I don't know if I even looked inside the bath, oh how I wish I had, it was revolting. I've always felt strange about baths, I don't like to use anyone else's and this wasn't about to change, the bath had to go so an entire new bathroom suite was our top priority. The avocado suite had seen better days, the bath was faded to grey and full of cracks, the sink and toilet were tired and well, they were green. 

We went straight to MFI - see how long ago this was? - and chose a new suite, there was a 6 week wait. I lined the bath with horrible rubber mats and got on with it, counting the days till the new bathroom arrived.

Here it is before we got to work...

Tiles everywhere, fine if the tiles don't look like this

The formerly avocado bath, complete with cracks

Vanity unit, even more tiles

Further bathroom related trials and tribulations to come...

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