Thursday, 21 March 2013

Interest waning

So, as I said, I am flighty, I can make a decision and then quickly change but I am also flighty in the sense that I will often rapidly lose interest almost as quickly as I had an idea. One thing I can vaguely become interested in is the design of the kitchen, or more specifically the d├ęcor  Now, most of our flat is decorated as if a pensioner has been in there, we have old furniture - a lot of it has actually come from dead relatives or second hand shops, not because we couldn't afford to buy it but because we like the look of it. Three of the rooms have Laura Ashley wallpaper and almost all of the wood is dark. I like the Victorian/Edwardian look pretty much everywhere. Everywhere that is, except for the kitchen. In the kitchen I like bright colours, colours that you may not necessarily have in your living room or your bedroom.

In our last flat the walls of our kitchen were painted a disgustingly bright yellow, I loved it. In this flat we have carried on the bright theme by painting the exposed brick (painted white by the last people) a super bright pink.

The exposed brick wall is being covered up with plasterboard, I've never liked the look of it and having a new kitchen gave us an excuse to cover up the monstrosity. Once we've fitted this kitchen I am going to repaint it pink, two shades of pink though, I don't want it to look silly.

So I've decided to go with Dulux Flamingo Fun in shade 5 for the wall that was formerly exposed brick and a more pale version of that for the other walls, particularly as the doors are a walnut colour and the worktop is black, we may have a wall of glass in there but there is also a giant pear tree outside that can sometimes cause a fair amount of shade. If I'd got my way we'd have had this on the walls but some spoil sport (ahem, I'm looking at you, Ian) vetoed that, I'll get it somewhere in my house one day though, I won't rest until I do.


Just look at it! How could you not want to paper your entire house with it? I think this is why I wanted the flamingo shade of pink on the walls.

After I've done the walls I've got another project to do. Our current dining table is one the tenants left behind, we didn't have one when we moved in so we kept their "gift" but it's seen better days like the rest of the room and so I managed to get a bargain on eBay which I have a grand plan for. It involves turquoise and gold spray paint and a bit of updating of our chairs with some leopard print. Yes it sounds horrible and no I don't care. Sometimes you need a bit of gaudiness in your life and just as soon as I get round to doing it, I'll be blogging about it.

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