Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Anti social networking

I have come to the conclusion that I am just not cut out for all this social networking lark. Before xmas I deleted my Facebook account, I rarely looked at it, most of the people there weren't friends, they were people I'd gone to school with who I'd added because they'd requested me, I had no real interest in whether their child was using its potty or, in the case of the unborn ones, whether their child was the size of a garden pea, a cucumber or a tropical fish. There's only so much a woman with no children and no biological clock to speak of can take. Also, I really really didn't want to play Farmville or Bubble Witch Saga. It had to go... I've not missed it in the slightest. I am missing out on updates from certain family members but the way I look at it, if there's something I need to know they should tell me themselves, I'm sick of only knowing what's going on because I've happened to have a nose at the internet.

Twitter has been a source of solace for me, during days when there's not much going on I can be found there, complaining, chatting to people who also have not much else to do. I can also be found there during the evenings, when I need somewhere to vent my frustration about the people in the gym or about something on the television. I've met some really lovely people on there, I have a lot to be grateful for but every now and then I find myself bored of it. I use a Twitter client that has a muting function solely so I can avoid certain people and certain things, I have no idea why I bother, why not just delete the people who get on my nerves? 

News Stories: the chances are if you're on Twitter for a good part of the day you'll have seen the same news story over ten times, it gets boring. It's interesting the first time but there comes a point where you can't bear to endure it any longer. And then there are people retweeting news stories but adding their own comment in first...

Businesses: yes, we get it, you have some tat to peddle, you're self employed or it's your hobby and you're after making a bit of cash but if all you're doing is tweeting a link or a picture of the latest thing you've made I'm going to mute you, I cannot cope.

Hashtag Games: no, just no "Replace a word in a film title with goldfish" - you can fuck right off, the first tweet I see with a hashtag gets immediately muted. I don't even care if it's something interesting, I don't want a timeline full of your nonsense, especially if you're going to be retweeting people also playing your stupid game. The same goes for hashtags for popular TV and for sports events. It's almost a pavlovian (I could be using this in the wrong context here), I see a hashtag, there's a sigh and a roll of the eyes and then I press mute...

I don't think the problem here is other people at all, I think it's me, my lack of tolerance for anything and everything, maybe I just want to be annoyed

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