Friday, 3 August 2012

Too Much

Since I last wrote (blogged?) the gym has re-opened, in fact it's been open again for a fortnight yesterday. They have done what they promised to do 6 years ago, they have replaced all the cardio equipment with equipment that actually works, it is a revelation. Sadly, this means that I have since discovered how badly calibrated the good xtrainer was and to match the calories I burn on a new one I would have to spend twice as long on there (80 minutes), this is terrible news for my poor legs.

Another thing I am suffering from too much of is sport on the television. I don't mind a bit of sport every now and then and yes it's excellent that London has the Olympics and all that you can't look at anything without seeing at least one mention of something sport related. My husband who I have been with for 13 years has recently decided he likes sport. A keen cyclist he has never sat and watched the Tour de France, until this year, and now he's decided he would like to sit and stare for hours on end at other sports. It is driving me slowly insane.

In other news, I am heading down the path of being a pensioner before my time alarmingly quickly. The rare time I spend not exercising is now being taken up by knitting. I have started a project that is far more arduous than I thought it would be. A blanket made up of squares, a woollen patchwork if you like. It is taking forever and a day, I don't like the colours I am knitting with any more and I have spent hour upon hour knitting it. I did not think this through. I need 20 strips of knitting to create the border, I was triumphant last night having finished knitting number 20, knowing that I only had 8 other pieces to knit to complete it and then I counted, I had only knitted 19. Either I have lost one or I need to knit one more, which ever it is I wish I'd never started this stupid project. Anyway, this is the blanket part way through, there are another two rows of knitted squares now and I have no idea what I will do with it once it's finished, what with me not actually liking it.

So there you have it, too much gym, too much sport and too much knitting. You'd probably also say too much waffle if you were reading this but I'm pretty sure you're not

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